Thursday, August 31, 2006

1200 Emails Since the Beginning of June

Thanks for writing!

This is for my personal "kcasper@NaturallyYou" inbox. It doesn't include my other folders...our advertising box, info box, service box, letters box, submissions box, myspace box, etc...

If you just go by that number, it's really only an average of 400 emails per month, which breaks down to about 13 per day, which really doesn't seem like that many. This is after I deleted all the spam, and I get a lot...But I am digging through and responding. I appreciate your patience as I do so.

Our customer service agent is in the midst of taking a much deserved hiatus, which really only means temporarily cutting down on hours, not a real vacation. She is still sending out your stuff, don't worry! She is the greatest.

Did about 20 customer service responses today to help out, in addition to a mass emailing to 924 people regarding subscription status et al. Excited to be getting back in the swing of things.

Someone posted this "multitasking computer desk" to our Yahoo! Group. I need one of these - I am accepting donations!

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