Saturday, August 26, 2006

Enterprising Natural Sisters

I know so many enterprising natural-haired women, I just had to take a moment to recognize a few.


Brunsli has a popular blog about her hair journey, and often shares a glimpse into her life. She has recently launched a hair tie business directly from her blog, which has already evolved into an ebay store. I have to give Brunsli serious props for 1) developing a product that is simple, straightforward, easy to use, affordable, effective, and attractive, and 2) delivering her products to the public and running her company in such a non-traditional manner. (Don't tell her I said so, but Brunsli was part of my inspiration to start this blog.)

I love when people make use of the resources they have to accomplish what they want to accomplish. Brunsli documents new product developments, product mailings, different ways to use the product, customer testimonials and more in her hair tie blog. Go 'head girl.

Head on over to Brunsli's hair tie blog, and make your way to her ebay store.

LV Burns

LV Burns is the artist and writer behind the comic strip "Val & Nadine." In her series, she tackles both every day natural hair experiences, as well as serious natural hair issues. She does so creatively, and with a touch of humor. This is the only comic strip I am aware of focused on the trials and tribulations of a natural sister. If you are natural or transitioning, there is definitely something there you can relate to. LV has recently branched out into "Val & Nadine" merchandise. LV has done a large part of this via blogging. I'm impressed.

Visit the site today to read the comic, and purchase some of her all new merchandise! I am not-so-secretly hoping LV plans to publish a book of her comics.

Mia Simone

Mia Simone recently left her (well paying and comfortable) job at IBM to pursue her true passion full time. Mia creates handmade, all natural hair and skin products, as well as handcrafted jewelry and accessories. Her website is a powerhouse of information - you can't buy a product without being fully informed as to what it is, how it works, what it does, and various uses. This lady knows her stuff. Mia even provides "create your own" products, which give you the flexibility to customize a product according to your preference.

Mia Simone's Boutique has been "Creating Buzz" with celebrities such as Floetry and Goapele. As a way of giving back to the community, Mia offers scholarships to college students.

Mia Simone's Boutique is going places - let's all help her get there.


brunsli said...

Thanks Kaya!

What an honor it is to be recognized on your blog and in the company of LV Burns and Mia Simone.

Diego2Memphis said...

Wow Kaya! I feel honored, especially (like Brunsli says) in the company of two great women. Thank you very much!

Tanya said...

Well I'll be darn - I've ordered products from all 3 of these women!
But I have to recognize you for being so enterprising yourself. You got some serious energy running a magazine, website, myspace, blog and God only knows what else! Congrats to you sista. I'll definitely be placing my order very soon.

jaiDalon said...

Your blog is extremely informative and I love your energy and the way you give props to other driven sisters. Please kep up the good work. You are all an inspiration!