Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kaya's Hair Growth Update - No, I'm not Growing My Locs Back

I cut my 4 year old locs off on October 29, 2005. That makes it...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9...about nine months since the chop, 10 at the end of this month. The most common question I've been getting lately is, "so, are you growing your locs back now?" No, I'm not. Not yet anyway.

I do prefer to wear my hair in double strand twists, all the time. I rarely take them out. I kept my last set in for 2 months (May to July), and I plan to keep this set just as long.

Exavia Love did my last set, which were medium sized senegalese twists. This involves twisting each strand of hair separately, while twisting them together. This creates awesome definition in your twists, and she taught me the technique in a hair class I took with her a few months ago. She also did scalloped parts, which looked cool. The twists stood straight up, and I got a lot of compliments...and a few people called me pinhead, which I didn't mind at all.

A few weeks into the pinhead 'do. Taken sometime in May.

Throughout the two months I wore this first set of double strand twists, I rinsed them with water periodically, combed them out individually and retwisted. I never sat and did the whole head at once, just did sections when I had time. I spritzed with my Herbal Hair Cocktail, as well as Greg Juice to soften and moisturize, and combed each section through with a rat tail comb. I do prefer a fine toothed comb for small sections of hair - but only if I am doing a small section, otherwise I get tired and frustrated and don't use the gentle tip-to-root method I should.

I also varied my style by gradually making the twists smaller and smaller. I split each twist into two twists, then each of those twists into two twists. I did this every other week or so. The final style with this set was unraveling sections randomly, so I had a coily and chunky fro. By that time, my hair needed a good thorough shampoo, and so I finally conceded to remove all of my twists and handle that.

I did my second set of two strand twists some time in July, and I am still wearing them now.

It. took. me. six. hours! I am so out of practice after having my locs for years.

Without thinking it through, I rinsed them several times without combing and retwisting. Now, my hair is what they call "good hair for locing." Indeed it is. By the time I went to comb out each twist, I had a tangled mess on my hands. It took me about three days to get through my whole head, but I finally did it. I did the front first, so I could wear it outside without looking like I had half a head done - which technically I did, but I don't think anyone could tell. Or at least that's what I would like to believe.

So, I used my herbal hair cocktail alone this time (note to self: need more Greg Juice) to get my hair damp. I used New Bein's Hair Milk to massage into the ends, a little bit for each section. My ends are very damaged because I decided to dye my hair with NaturTint back in December. I heard it was good, ammonia free, etc, but it did tingle, aka burn, which I didn't like at all. When I washed it out, my hair felt so bad (something like a 20 year old shag rug, in an area with a lot of foot traffic) I was afraid I was going to have handfuls of hair coming out. When I went to bed, I honestly wondered if my hair would be on my pillow when I woke up. I don't know if it was the product or my application, or both.

Anyway, I now have about a half inch of dry, brittle auburn hair on the ends, but I must admit I do like the two toned effect. My two strands look like gummy worms. I will have to trim them off eventually, though the hair milk and Greg Juice do soften them. So finally, I made it through my whole head, twisting and twisting, and twisting. I clipped off sections so I could remember which ones I did already. The ones I did felt much different than the ones I didn't (which were all tangled up), but the clips made it easier.

Finished twists, some sections clipped down.

The next day, I sprayed my herbal cocktail in, and used my fingers to "style," aka push and pull my twists all over the place. I like 'em spiky. If you want more spike, you can use bobby pins to pin certain areas up. Less spike, well, don't push and pull them all over. You can also use bobby pins to pin them down after spritzing and let them dry for a more demure look, which I also like sometimes.

The spiky gummy worm 'do. Taken August 15.

This will be my everyday style for awhile.


Tanya said...

Well thanks for the update lady. I'm glad I browsed around the site some and found your blog. I was definitely devastated to see you cut your locks off. But now that you've grown your hair out and having fun with it, I guess I can forgive you :)

Kaya Casper / Naturally You! said...

Thanks Tanya. ;-)

I have been hurt to see some people shorn of their locs. Run into them and felt like noooooooooo. But sometimes it's just time.

Don't worry, they'll be back.



Wow Kaya how pretty your hair is growing so fast.

dewdrop said...

I can definitely see the health of your hair and the 2-tone color is very cute on you.

Kaya Casper / Naturally You! said...

Thanks tnappykinky & dewdrop,

It's an experience learning to care for my loose hair all over again, but I'm enjoying it.


Reicya said...

I must confess I was slightly saddened when you cut your loc's. I started my loc journey in October of 2005 & just found your wonderful magazine. I realized that even though your loc journey led you someplace different you were still with me on my journey, along with lots of others. Who knows where my journey will lead in but I am ready & I know Naturally You Magazine will be with me.
Shalom & Blessings!

Reicya said...

I must confess I was slightly saddened when you cut your loc's. I started my loc journey in October of 2005 & just found your wonderful magazine. I realized that even though your loc journey led you someplace different you were still with me on my journey, along with lots of others. Who knows where my journey will lead in but I am ready & I know Naturally You Magazine will be with me.
Shalom & Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Your two strand twists are absolutely beautiful!!! I am so glad I checked my email and stumbled across this section of caring for your natural hair. I am nervous about doing two strand twists on my own hair. I am fearful it will not come on right. I am going to attempt wet two strand twists and wanted to know could I use setting lotion instead of gel? Should I use anything else with the setting lotion? Thanks for any help that you can provide.


kay said...

Thanks so much for listing the ingredients to keep the hair moisturized. I decided that this winter it was all about the double strand twist fro. After reading your blog I see that I have been moisturizing with the "wrong/unhealthy" products. I was using Soft Sheen Carefree Curl Snapback to moisturize and then I would let my hair air-dry (I haven't used a blower dry since 1990). The ONLY product that i found that would give me a fro where my twist were defined was Murray Pomade (in the orange can.) I like to wear my twist unraveled. After 2 days my hair feels thick and sticky. So here I am washing and twisting my hair twice in a week so that my hair will look fresh and not have a white/dusty look from the pomade.

Question: After washing/moisturizing is there a product or remedy that i can use to twist my hair so that when unraveled the twist are defined.

HELP...... :)

Kaya Casper said...

reicya, yes, i am definitely still with you sista!

supercoils, setting lotion may work for you. you can also try kizzy pomade from carol's daughter. im sure it will come out great, and you will get better with practice.

kay, a lot of people use jherri curl products to keep their natural hair moisturized. the ingredient in the products that is working for us is the glycerin. if you want to be more of a purist about your product use, you can buy pure vegetable glycerin at natural foods stores. as far as i can tell, it works just as well, and you can use it on your whole body. the murray's sounds like it's costing you a lot of time and work! to maximize your definition, you can use fruit of the earth aloe vera gel, african formula botanigel, or kizzy pomade. you want to do your twists while damp. the longer you leave your hair twisted, the more defined they will be once removed. you may want to try wearing the twists for a week, then the twist out for a week. hope this helps! visit the website for more on two strand twists.