Thursday, September 28, 2006

Do you do a natural hair head count everywhere you go?

I do. I went to a small business seminar tonight, and as usual surveyed the room for naturals.

Here's the breakdown:

The sista taking registrations at the door had curly natural hair, probably between shoulder and bra strap length when stretched. Sista in the front row had locs, a bit past shoulder length. Some were dark brown, some copper colored. Sista behind her had what appeared to be a perm, and the young lady next to her had what looked like a press and curl. Shoulder length, with flipped up curls. Behind her, sista with dark brown shoulder length locs, auburn tips, in a ponytail. Shaped up around the front. Next table. One lady whose hair I don't remember, next to her a sister with a perm. Behind that, sister with afro puff. Maybe three or four inches long.

In front of me, a lady with two strand twists that are probably about six inches or more when stretched. Then me, two strand twists about three inches long. Behind me, a sista with locs, pulled up into freeform bun with the ends of the locs sticking out - my old favorite style. Behind her, brother with long locs, front half tied back, mid back length. There was one more person in the class whose hair I didn't see. The teacher had what appeared to be a weave - a coily afro textured weave. ;-) Do you see a pattern here?

I love it, and yes, I am a bit obsessed.

Much Love,
Kaya Casper, Publisher
Naturally You! Magazine
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Shonda said...

Ha ha! I love it too. I am also guilty of doing this wherever I go now. And, for some odd reason, I feel some sort of common bond or coolness in people that are natural. This is not always true but the natural look is beautiful and I guess that makes the person wearing it look especially

soontobenatural said...

I do the same thing!! And if I feel a good vibe from the person, I'll even strike up a conversation with them.

Brenda said...

I have to admit that I'm the opposite. I usually notice lots of locs, but I find this obsessive need to count the number of ladies I see with artificial hair. It's almost like a game - will I get to 25 before I get to where I'm going? Unfortunately, I usually do and it wasn't that far to my destination. BTW, I'm in Philly too. I have to keep up with your blog more often.