Friday, September 01, 2006

Please Share Your Feedback - How To Topics

At Naturally You!, we have very carefully developed our departmental outline.

I started the magazine with a very loose concept of what readers would like to see, and have gradually tightened it up over time, primarily based on your feedback. A lot of the decisions we have made about our content have come directly from reader comments and suggestions.

I would love to know more about what you want, particularly:

1) What would you like to see more "how tos" on?

2) What would the "how tos" you want to see look like? Ie, do you want to see photos of every step with a photo? Drawings? A before and after pic?

3) What do you think of the "how tos" we have featured so far? A few to consider are "10 Steps to Taming the Wildest Locs," "Do It Yourself Hair Jewelry," "Step by Step Box Braids," "Easy Double Strand Twists," and "Demystifying the Pantyhose Headband."

Please share you feedback. Peace.


abi Ighodaro said...

I am really enjoying your blogs!

I am sorry to hear about your mothers recent illness and I am glad she is doing well. One of the things I like about Naturally you is the human touch. I feel I can relate to the content and photographs and that the general vibe is to make me feel good rather than make me feel I am missing something and the only way to adress it is too buy --- etc. This is very rare in the magazine business ( I am addicted to mags!) so feel very proud about this.

To the question at hand. I think your how tos are really good. I found the loc updos in the current issue really inspiring, and I don't have locs!

In general, I like to see a number of howtos in an issue, I reckon a minimum of 5. There should be a range of topics, e.g basic how tos- twists, afros, easy howtos - making headbands from tights, special how tos - updos, more complex hairstyles.I feel happy if I get at least 3 new hair ideas from the issue.

To be honest I think you are doing really well on these and developing at a good rate.

What I think would complement the howtos would be spreads similar to fashion spreads in fashion magazines. That is a hair story e.g an executive workplace, sorry I am not very good at titles. Focus on different natural women in the office e.g the boss with an elaborate natural or loc up do, the PA with a headwrap, a client with twists etc. Basically featuring natural hair styles in everyday and even fantasy situations.

Abi Ighodaro said...

Sorry, It's me again. I am sending a link of hair how tos from that I found really inspiring. Even though it is on caucasian hair, I found many things I could adapt. I appreciate the difference ethos, budget etc you have but I hope it is useful



Kaya Casper / Naturally You! said...

Abi, thanks so much for reading Naturally You! and taking the time to help us out with some great ideas! We are definitely taking notes.