Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fun with Headwraps

I love headwraps. I wore one on a daily basis during the grow out phase after my second chop back in 2000-2001. I haven't wrapped much since then. I tend to like solid color wraps, particularly black, and I don't see many of them in the fabric or size I like.

At the recommendation of several sisters on some of the natural hair boards, I decided to see what Walmart had to offer in terms of fabric. I decided to go with three yards of 100% cotton solid black fabric. It cost me about $8.

I'm not the best at tying headwraps, especially when my hair is short and I have nothing to "anchor" it to. So I started off with the basic knot in the back. Well, a big ol' knot to be exact.

This was my second day wearing it, so of course I had to hook it up a little bit this time. I tucked the ends of a cowrie shell necklace into the area where the knot met my head. I like this look. Simple but a little something extra.

If you're a purist about protecting your hair against moisture wicking, you may want to wear a satin cap underneath a cotton headwrap.

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Chosen Vessel said...

I love headwraps also. This was a good post, thank you for the information and suggestions.