Friday, December 15, 2006

When Trying New Products, Keep These Things in Mind

Before throwing that new product out the window, read this:

1) The new product you're using may mix with products you already have in your hair, in a good way or a bad way. Notice how the product works on your freshly shampooed hair, versus when you already have products in your hair from previous days.

2) Products may work differently on sopping wet hair, damp hair, or dry hair.

3) Combining different products in different ratios may have different results.

4) When using multiple products, the order in which you apply them can make a difference in the way they work.

5) Products you used when you had a perm may not work the same way on your natural hair. This includes your shampoos and conditioners, as well as gel, setting lotion, etc.

6) The amount of product you use may make a difference. Using too much may weigh your hair down, cause buildup or flaking.

7) Products work differently on different hair types. Some require more moisture, some more hold. You may even need to use different products on different sections of your hair if you have different textures.

8) Not all natural hair needs oil, in fact some natural hair gets "crunchy" and dry with the use of carrier oils such as olive oil. In this case you may need to switch to vegetable glycerin or another oil free product for moisture.

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