Monday, September 03, 2007

Locs & Fros at Work? Oh my!

This Glamour Magazine editor said something that a lot of people think. As wrong as it may be, a lot of people feel that afros and locs are inappropriate or unprofessional at work.

Problem is, for most of us, changing our hair texture to something more "acceptable" is totally unhealthy, time consuming, and expensive. Know what though? A lot of these guys who think straight hair is so much more professional don't even know that. A lot of other people also think it's perfectly normal for women to undergo elaborate routines to look "good."

If you work for a company where your "higher ups" share this lady's opinion and you disagree, then you have a choice to make. What will yours be?


blackrussian said...

I really do appreciate your insights.

You are SO right about people not realizing what we go through to have straight hair.

The time, the expense, the pain and discomfort....

Being natural IS a CHOICE, but so many people - even AA people - don't realize and are out of touch with the fact that natural, textured, kinky, if you will, nappy, if you will, hair is the default choice for most of us.

All other 'choices' are artificial and altered.

It is frustrating to me how many people don't get that.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I was just told that being in corporate america, you hair will be a factor in being hired. I wear locs and I do not like to think that I may have to cut them to have a job??!!??!!?? Hmmm...kinda make one want to go into business for herself!

Anonymous said...

very frustrating indeed!