Saturday, September 30, 2006

BYOHD (Bring Your Own Hairdo)

Yesterday, I volunteered as a dresser for a fashion show. Overall, I was very impressed with the organization and presentation of the show.

One of the models I was working with plans to chop her permed hair off tomorrow. She waited to chop it, because she guessed the clothing designer may want her in the show as she found her - with shoulder length straight hair. She was right.

Her roots were seriously grown out, which meant she needed them blown straight per the designers instructions. When she told the stylist she wanted her hair blow dried, his response was, "Honey your hair is dry already, how dry do you want it!?" Myself, as well as a couple of other models exchanged glances. "She needs her roots blown out, pressed, straightened, " I offered. Ten minutes later, the model came back with her hair pinned into a loose updo, with the roots just as they were before.

After trying another style of two big twistrows (two strand cornrows) and getting the thumbs down from the designer, we got her back in the chair for another attempt at root straightening. Three stylists gathered around with products and a flat iron. About 30 minutes later, the model emerged with the top layer of her hair shiny and straight. I was reminded of why so many of us nevah do an event like that without getting our 'do done beforehand, by our trusted stylist of the moment. ;-)

Meanwhile, a sister with about an inch of natural hair got her past shoulder length wig curled.

The designer asked me to ask one of the models to take her headband off. The model told me she couldn't - she pulled it back to show me she had glued weave tracks straight across the crown of her head, and put the headband on top to cover it. After about an hour of asking people if they happened to have a scarf on hand, it occurred to me that I could two strand twist sections of her weave, and pin the the twists across the crown of her head to cover the tracks.

One designer, Nefta, featured mostly loced models. Nefta, as well as several of her models had very large headwraps on. I wondered if that looked exotic to the audience.

The most creative style award goes to a sister who had about 30 flyers from the show - cutouts from the postcards - attached to her hair.

Much Love,
Kaya Casper, Publisher
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