Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Seven Styles in One - Natural Hair is the Best!

Here is an easy style you can do on your natural hair, that will last at least a week and look different every day. No jumping ahead, look at the photos in sequence!

Warning: this style involves Jheri Curl rods. If you're going to have flashbacks, you may want to take a few deep breaths before clicking. ;-)

Yes, Ms. Jenifer has shoulder length hair, but don't be afraid to try a variation of this 'do on any length. My guess is you'll get another seven styles out of it! Have fun.

Much Love,
Kaya Casper, Publisher
Naturally You! Magazine
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Anonymous said...

Her hair looks LOVELY!!! I am lovin the "natural messy" (my word) progression. Very nice! I wish I had tried some natural styles on my hair before locing, dang!! :-(

Anonymous said...

Her hair is beautiful!! Once the hair is braided half way and the rods are placed on the ends, do you unbraid the braids as soon as the portion on the rods dry? The braids will look crinkly after being braided for one day then unbraided?

Aswadah said...

I love the progression of this style as well. I have small shoulder length locs and I'm going to try this style on them. The result should be interesting and full.

Aswadah said...

I too, love the progression of this style. Makes me think about when my hair was loose. I have small shoulder length locs now and I will try this style on them. The result should be very interesting. I think locs will make a delightful progression as the days pass also. I'll see! Her hair is very lovely!

stringpresence said...

Dear Anonymous,

I wait until the entire head is dry before taking out the rollers and the braids. After unbraiding, the hair keeps that wavy pattern for most of the style. It just gets a little bushy too! I hope this is helpful!


Anonymous said...

Do you use a setting lotion to set this style. If yes what products are you using?

Anonymous said...

What products are you using to create this style? Oil, setting lotion?