Sunday, September 17, 2006

Where to find Naturally You! Online

Akoma Marketplace

Get the latest issue of Naturally You! in a quick, easy, wonderful downloadable format. Yes, download it and start reading within minutes! get it now >>

They also have the hottest new luxury bath products to hit the web - Nic's Naturals. You'll have to click around a bit to find them (yup, I want you to see the other products on this site, you caught me), and you will be glad you did. Nic's Naturals are definitely in rotation at my house - tell them Naturally You! sent you!

Infinite Magazine

I'm the "Infinite Beauty" of the Month yall. check it out >>

Firefoxers, you will have to fire up ie to view this one. You may find out some things about me you didn't know, and they published a photo that hasn't been published anywhere else!

I love this site! You will too, trust me. start reading now >>

YMIB also has a feature with Goapele right now, and just about every other positive sister you need to know about! I hope you have some time, because you're going to get caught up in this site.

Naturals Represent!

Nic's Naturals, Infinite Magazine, and are all BNWO (Black Natural Woman Owned). And Akoma Marketplace is BNMO (Black Natural Man Owned) for that matter!

Thanks for reading (and clicking!).

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