Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Style for Two to Three Inches of Hair - TwistKnots!

For some reason, I noticed that my twists lend themselves well to knotting. As I was twistSplitting (breaking each double strand twist into two smaller twists), I began to knot each one - very loosely mind you. It was a good way of getting each finished twist out of the way, since I was working "in the field," (ie at Mom's house) and I didn't have my hair equipment.

Gradually I realized I could use the knots was a way to set my twists in a curly style. As it became more apparant that I would need to go outside with my head half done, I realized I could wear the knots themselves as a style.

By the way, I did go out with a patch (maybe an inch and a half wide and two inches back from my hairline) double strand twisted and sticking up much higher than the knots. A lady stopped me to tell me she loved my hair. ;-)

Now, I am always saying in the magazine that you can do the same styles we show on locs on loose hair. I know sometimes you don't believe me, but it's true! Start with braids or twists and you can mimick a lot of the loced styles you see. This style is reminiscent of one of the loced looks we featured in issue #5. Turn to page 39. Marci's was done with five or six inches of hair, maybe more, so there is full scalp coverage.

3 day old twistKnots (click to enlarge)

Be careful! I did get one twist into a nasty knot that I had to enlist help to remove. It was really no big deal, but of course it seemed like it was for the split second when I imagined cutting that one section of hair out. I found that Jamaican Mango & Lime No More Itch Spray provides good slip - I may try using this product before removing my knots to avoid any scary moments.

Let me know if you try this style. :-)


Reicya said...

Kaya, I wear this style alot with my locs. Usually this is the style I use for my re-twist. If you are going to wash your hair you can wet it & they come out fairly easy (depending on how long they have been in). I currently am wearing this style with 4 locs in the front left out for bangs. I have also taken the back out after a few days & just worn the top like this. I usually take it all down within a week & wear it curly. I am glad to see this in print.

Thx as always

Reicya said...

Kaya you can see this style on me on my myspace page. Search display name "blachyce".

Tanya said...

I love it. Very very cute Kaya.