Thursday, June 21, 2007

Val & Nadine - The Book!

I got the book "Val & Nadine: one sista's comic interpretation of going nappy" from author LV Burns a couple of weeks ago. I am a fan of the Val & Nadine blog, and was excited to see it in book form. Here's the email I sent to LV:

So, when I got the book in my box, I immediately ripped it open. I then sat in my car in the post office parking lot for 20 minutes reading it - I had to make myself stop! As I drove home, I kept reading it on the red lights, until I saw a cop and reluctantly put it down, lol.

The book is awesome, I love it. I love reading everything all organized and categorized. The story unfolds really well, is well paced, and your points are very insightful and well made. One thing I really like is your ability to show each character in a "sympathetic" light. It's not the ignorant "permie," or the brainwashed Euro-loving man. Each character is multidimensional which is true to life.

I gently nudged the book toward my SO, and was very excited that he read all the way through the boyfriend blues section - and I heard him laughing from the other room!

Ladies, get this book! It is a must have in your Natural Library. This book is also perfect for men who have (or want) a natural lady in their lives and want to earn some extra points! Two naps up!

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