Monday, July 23, 2007

Naturally You! Creates a Ruckus...

I got this in my inbox a few days ago from a Naturally You! model. I thought it was quite amusing so I thought I'd share with you all.

So I brought my Naturally You magazine to work. The one with you on the cover and me on the inside. I showed it to my coworker that I'm really cool with and she showed it to a few other coworkers. They LOVED the pic of me. :-)

It got one of my coworkers even more interested in locs. She'd been transitioning for months but then relaxed a few weeks ago so needless to say she was kicking herself. The coworker that I showed initially wants to subscribe.

So I get back to my desk and decide to show a coworker, a Latino guy, who's my neighbor. He makes sure to comment and say that he likes my locs better [than the fro in my picture] but it was innocent. Then he asks me what the difference is between natural hair and Kyra's hair (another coworker that sits by us and mind you we can all hear one another) so I break it down and then Kyra jumps in and says yes if I didn't have a perm then my hair would look just like that (pointing at my head but NOT said in disgust lol).

So then another coworker (a guy with locs) gets up and says well hold on let me see that magazine, thumbs through it and then says okay black people's hair can be straight without perming, MY hair is straight when it's cut low and not locked (I look at his head and he has more kinks and coils than me). So then I tell him no it's not, you can look at your frizzies and see that they look just like mine. So then he goes on about how when his hair his short, all that he has to do is use some grease and brush it so that it lays. I tried to explain why it did that and gave him the illusion that his texture was straight but he wasn't buying it. Kyra jumped in and tried to explain it too. He told me that he'd be bringing in some literature for us to read tomorrow (I'm thinking huh???).

So my coworker, the Latino, is still confused and asks me what weave has to do with all of this. I tell him nothing and once again try to explain the difference. When he grasps that a perm is indeed permanent, he struggles with why we'd ever do that to ourselves when our hair is, and I quote, "so freakin' cool" (according to the pics in your mag).

Everyone is out of their seats and all blocking the hallway discussing this (yes while at work). As we head back to our seats the coworker with the locs says but that's a cool mag though, lol. I bet you didn't know when you started NY! that it would cause such an uproar in the workplace huh ;-)?

Has Naturally You! created a ruckus in your workplace?? If so, let us know. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hello Kaya, that was a real nice post!!! I also posed in ur magazine a while back but i havent been in touch!!

Tasha said...

That story was hilarious! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that one. :-)