Friday, November 09, 2007

Q: Where can I find a good hair salon in DC?

I received this message on Myspace recently:

I hope all is well! Funny thing, I was searching around on the Naturally You! Magazine website, trying to find a section that could tell me about some decent natural hair salons in DC. I was actually trying to find one that someone may have left some favorable feedback on (I'm being very wishful!)

I know you are very busy keeping us up to speed on EVERYTHING, but could you throw a couple of bones my way and let me know where I should be looking on your site?

I have about 2 inches of hair now, and this past weekend I SQUEEZED my hair into some knots in medium sized sections~I got some really nice reactions but I would like to 'knot' do this myself and get someone who can part really well and do it 100% on point.

Ok~sorry to ramble on and on. Thanks for any advice you may have. If you want to put this in your blog (where it belongs!), please feel free!

Thanks! Olivia

My response:

Hi Olivia, thanks for the note. There are lots of styles you can do on your hair. Flat twists, two strand twists, twist outs, cornrows, puffs, a basic fro, knots (as you've discovered), etc. Here is a list of natural hair salons in DC on our website. Naturally You! has worked with Camille Robbins and Farika Broadnax in the past. They are both very knowledgeable, and even better, nice people. Pamela Ferrell is also a very well known stylist and natural hair care entreprenuer in the area.

I hope this helps!

Peace, Kaya

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F said...

Love your blog

You forgot to mention the fact that Miko from the Miss Jessies Curly Pudding fame is also now located in DC.

You can find her at

Her prices are still very high but she is highly trained at styling natural hair.

Good Luck