Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Q: How can I style my long natural hair?

I received this message on myspace recently:

I can't stand to spend almost $100 just to get my hair done in styles that i could do if i saw a picture and practiced at home. (i'm telling you, i refuse to get my hair done in BK, NY because it costs sooo much $$$!) I have natural hair (as you can see in my pics) but it's getting so hard to manage, especially now that it's getting longer (when i blow it out, it's a little longer than shoulder length) and when i don't blow it out, because of the length, it tends to get tangles and matted very easily. i often blow it out and end up wearing it in a pony tail afro puff...but it doesn't last long. I also have a pretty young looking face, so i would like to do styles that give a little maturity (not much...just a little spice, you know?)...can you suggest any websites that i can look at that have lots of pics of ideas i can try on my own hair? how about magazines that regularly publish various styles (natural, not necessarily extensions and weaves) that maybe i can try? i don't want to lock my hair...just keep it natural... please help a sista out...things are getting hectic...i've even thought about cutting it off only because i can't handle it anymore! lol.

HELP!!! :O)

My response:

Hey sis, I can definitely relate to your hair getting a bit out of hand as it gets longer. As my fro gets longer, there is no more dabbing on some Carol's Daughter and brushing or combing through. For me, most of the time I just rock a wash/rinse and go fro, so I still keep things very simple though there is a lot more hair. My second favorite super easy style is the "shrunken puff" - no blowing out required. My hair is a bit longer than it is in these pics and these two styles are still working for me.

People often think I am younger than I am as well (I hope it stays that way for both of us!). I find wearing more "mature" clothing and jewelry help me look a bit more spicy. :-) Also, I think I look older with my fro than I do with braids and sometimes twists, depending on how they're styled. One style I like that is relatively easy and not too young looking is my chunky fro with a panty hose headband.

For more styles, try Natural Hair Photos and check out the Natural Beauties page on the Naturally You! website. Visit and for even more. For magazines, of course I have to recommend back issues or emagazines of Naturally You!.

Peace, and much luck. Kaya

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