Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Photo Update!!!

So a bit of time has passed since my last photo update, but I have been taking a few pictures though I never seem to find the time to actually post them. I am now at 26 months locless; October 29th of '07 was my two year nappiversary. Isn't it funny how we count our hair time in months just like we do with babies??? Strange but true. Without further ado...

In the end of August, I got this really cute cornrow updo style done at Exavia's (this picture is not the original style! I will post it if I can find a good pic of it). Cornrows going up all the way around with coils at the top, which I changed over to two strand twists for more volume.

This is about two weeks into it, in the beginning of September, at the point where, well, it's time to move on. I gathered it all into a little puff just to get it all out of the way. There was no way I was going to take down all of these cornrows at once, so I used my usual transitional style method. Also, when you use this method, you get more bang for your buck by getting several different styles over a longer period of time from one salon visit. Yeah!

So I took out the back set of cornrows, pulled the loose hair into a curly/crinkly puff with most of the ends of the front cornrows pulled in.

Because of the way the cornrows were originally done, the puff was sort of off to the side, which I liked.

Phase II. About a week later, I took out one side of the front cornrows (which were starting to look pretty rough), and brushed that part back into the puff. I liked this a lot.

I experimented with different sizes and heights with the puff, with the ends of the remaining cornrows loose or pulled into the puff.

This one was my favorite. Bigger puff, ends all in.

And of course, the mandatory "texture shot." ;-) This is after Exavia's moisturizing treatments and oils, which last a long time, plus spritzing with my hair juice, unravelling cornrows, twists, etc. It gave it a nice chunky look and was very soft and healthy feeling.

After this style, I gave my hair a much needed scrubbing and moved on to the basic "shrunken puff" (wash and pull up with just a bit of finger stretching) for a month or so with an occasional variation of twists in the front. This photo was in late October.

Then I went to back to the wash n go fro for awhile longer (A rare full body shot, yikes!), but my hair is getting longer to the point where tangling is becoming a problem if I don't do detangling, which I prefer to avoid as much as possible. Still, I really love my fro. It just feels good to have my hair totally free and unrestricted. I also believe this is the best style for maximum growth in the shortest period of time.

On New Year's, after heat free stretching, I was amazed at the size of my puff. I told a friend it was the same size as my head! When I get my digicam batteries charged up, I will post more. Until next time...


Sharon J. said...

Your hair is beautiful. It makes me feel proud to wear my hair natural, too. I live in a city where natural hair is just beginning to catch on. Sometimes I've been made to feel like a freak of nature because of my hair. The Naturally You site inspires me.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! Your hair is beautiful. I have a question. I am currently looking for a new job and I need to style my natural hair for interviews, any suggestions?

La Reine said...

Your hair is really nice.
I just saw pics of your hair today and I recognized them from around July or August when I decided to start transitioning.
I'll have to check out your MySpace.

Kaya Casper said...

Sharon, thank you so much. I'm glad the site has been helpful to you. Nothing could be more natural than wearing your hair as it grows from your head, chemical free. Many naturals in areas like yours have been surprised to find later on that they inspired other people to go natural by having the courage to do it themselves...keep on holding your (natural and free) head high!

one teal rat, thank you! Yes, I do have some suggestions for you. If you could tell me how long your hair is I could give you a better idea of options.

la reine, thanks for your compliment and for stopping by. Let me know how your transition is going.

wjgrandy said...

Hi how are you?.. I stumbled across your page/site and I really enjoyed it and was quite inspired by it. I am currently "attempting" my transition into my natural state. My hair is growing at a fair rate, but I would like to know if it is necessary to cut my hair (permed parts) for this whole process to take place. I am aware that cutting it will speed up the process but I just can't bring myself to go super short. Currently, I wash my hair every 2 weeks and just blowdry or flat iron it straight so that it'll be manageable because my hair is kinda wavy curly I think. Well if you have any soulutions or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it! Oh and what is a good moisturizer to use for the wet and go look?! Thanks, have a blessed day!