Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jamaican Mango & Lime No More Itch Spray Also Shines and Softens


People who wear locks and twists tend to have itchy scalps because unlike traditional hair styles where the scalp and blood circulation are stimulated by combing or brushing, locks and twists are not combed or brushed. The lack of stimulation causes itching.

Did not know that.

When I was wearing my twistKnots, my scalp started itching like mad. I pulled out my trusty bottle of Jamaican Mango & Lime No More Itch Spray and doused the top of my head. The itching stopped. A few days later, I noticed that section of my hair was super soft and shiny. Nothing like multiple use products. Give it a try.

PS. Yup, JM&L advertises in Naturally You!. Nope, not getting paid to say this. ;-)

Much Love,
Kaya Casper, Publisher
Naturally You! Magazine
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brunsli said...

I'm not sure that I buy that explanation.

My hair is locked, and it doesn't it. When it was straight and I combed it, it itched a lot -- probably because of the damaging pH 13 relaxer.

I would expect the itching phenomenon varies from person to person. But, if the JML products work for you - great!

bc said...

Just to comment on the rastagroup quote. I have locks and no itchies either. I do massage my scalp at least once/day or sometimes more so I am getting the circulation. You also get circulation if you exercise regularly. A lot of the time people are allergic to ingredients and artificial fragrances used in a lot of hair products - or they could be using shampoos/soaps that don't get the scalp completely clean hence the itch factor.