Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Twists Are Starting to Get Dog Ears...

My hair is now a few inches long, which means my twists sort of flap over my ears, aka dog ears. I don't really like this, so I got some barrettes to clip the sides back. These are the same two strand twists I did in July, with about 80% of them unravelled. I have lost count of the number of times I have co-washed and rinsed them. A day or two before unravelling them, I washed the twists with New Bein' Cleansing Shampoo.

Two strand twists, 80% unravelled. Sides clipped back with barrettes.

Yesterday, I got tired of having my hair out, and decided to braid it in a few big plaits. After being stuck in the house braiding while the bank closed (and I needed to go) I decided that trying new styles on weekdays isn't the best idea for me. I used no damage poly bands by scunci to hold my braids in little knots.

Braid Rolls, aka Bantu Knots

I am planning to soak my hair with shampoo, olive oil, and water, with the braids in as outlined by Sister Levi in issue #10 of the magazine. Then I'll take the braids out, and either braid or twist each section in smaller sections.

Much Love,
Kaya Casper, Publisher
Naturally You! Magazine
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Reicya said...

I have been following your hair updates & it all sounds great. I personally use the shampooing technique by Sister Levi. Since I started using it, I have found that my loc's feel so much better.
Eagerly awaiting the next issue.